VisualPanda named among the best User Experience companies in Poland according to Clutch

Every year digital products help to solve more and more problems and challenges across the world. From healthcare, through finance up to entertainment - there’s no area at this point that hasn’t been improved in some way or another by a digital solution. As businesses that use technology to tackle these challenges aim to ship and scale their solutions, they need to make sure they create human-focused experiences and connect with their audience with each interaction. That's where we come in at VisualPanda - we help our clients build products that are meaningful, functional and look awesome.

We’ve been around for almost 10 years and we’re thrilled to share that over the years we've won a fair amount of awards and recognition for what we accomplished. And now, we wanted to let you know about our latest achievement - not one but several Clutch awards! Their recent report ranked us among the best agencies in Poland in such categories as UX/UI Design, Branding, Medical Design and Digital Design.

We’d like to thank Clutch not only for this recognition but also for creating a platform that allows us to connect with customers with big dreams and disruptive business ideas. We also wanted to take this chance to show you some projects from our portfolio and say thank you to our wonderful partners - we feel super blessed to work on such apps and platforms on a daily basis, bringing to life ideas that change the world.

Top User Experience Company Poland 2023 gets you the best offers from all popular hotel booking websites with one quick search. It’s amazing - no more manual hotel comparison, a lot more fun when it comes to vacation planning. And, you always walk with a good deal out of it.

We’ve been their strategic product design partner for 5 years now. The scope included, among other things, a revamp of the entire interface to achieve a clear UI and a conversion-oriented UX, the creation of a scalable design system as well as lots and lots of user testing. In fact, there’s a high chance that as you’re reading this, our team members are working on some A/B tests or interviews to make sure we deliver the best experiences for travelers from all over the world.

Top Digital Design Company Poland 2023 

In Nigeria most of the population doesn’t have access to invest globally. For those to have, buying international stocks means going through a long and expensive process. Bamboo aims to simplify investing in global stocks for users in Africa, creating equal and direct access to trading global assets. 

A mission Robin Hood himself would be proud of. So were we, as we were working on bringing the idea to life - from the mobile app, through the admin panel up to marketing assets. Impact-driven projects like Bamboo hold a special place in our hearts. And brains, since we think about them a lot.

Top Web Design Company Medical Poland 2023

We’ve earned a special recognition for medical web design thanks to our work on Minerva. Now, brace yourself for a very smart-sounding sentence: it’s is a standalone web service, developed by the University of Luxembourg, supporting curation, annotation and visualization of molecular interaction networks. Not sure what that means? Well, neither were we until we got to work on it. Turns out, it’s a map of the whole human body. Scientists can put in the name of a drug or substance and get information on what parts are affected and how, including data on even a single cell.

We were hired to re-design the whole platform and create an interface that will make it easier for scientists to use the platform. We’ve spent hundreds of hours talking to our user group, making sure everything we implement is intuitive, and meaningful and facilitates the research workflow. The new version will be developed soon but here’s a sneak peek of what we’ve done.

Top Corporate Branding Company Poland 2023

Even though our main things are products we sometimes like to do side quests as well and work on brand designs, pitch decks or marketing materials. And we got awarded for those as well - an example would be our cooperation with Megawatt, a start-up that aims to accelerate and secure the monetary revolution by mining Bitcoin with sustainable sources of energy. In other words - they build, own and operate mining facilities, which rely on renewable power sources, guarantee air-tight security and are operated by local labor. 

While Bitcoin mining is a technology-related topic, Megawatt focuses heavily on the environmental aspect of the process. To truly capture the brand’s essence, we needed to create a brand that combines both - innovation and sustainability. We created a visual identity that reflects this unique duality in every brand asset - from font pairings, through the color palette up to imagery.