VisualPanda Awarded 2020 Top Design Agency in Poland Recognition

Did you know that logos are shifting from a longevity approach to a temporal one? Or that gaudy, flashy buttons are making a comeback? Oh! And not to mention, the color green has officially overthrown the long-reigning domination of blue?

There are so many design trends that it may seem daunting to try and keep up with them all. However, you have no need to worry — that’s exactly what we’re here for!

Since 2014, we’ve been your go-to digital product agency specializing in conversion-oriented mobile and web design, clean code development, and memorable branding. Our talented team of excellent thinkers and makers create solutions that allow your business to grow faster.

We believe that a good design is not only the good-looking one, it’s also the functional one. This mantra has helped us create numerous amounts of product designs, illustrations, marketing material, and more.

In fact, in an ongoing project, we’re handling web and app design efforts for a transportation firm. Our design work has helped our client win millions of dollars for their business.

The founder and CEO of the firm had this to say about our work, “Where many designers can only create aesthetically appealing — but ultimately uncodable — designs, VisualPanda delivers stunning designs that can be seamlessly integrated with our product’s functionalities.”

We’re grateful for this feedback because it helps us validate our success and process. What’s more, we’ve been able to receive some recent industry recognition because we received the 2020 top designer award in Poland award by Clutch, a ratings and reviews platform.

Jakub Wojciechowski, CEO of VisualPanda, said, “We are happy to receive this award and to be recognized by Clutch as one of the leading design companies in the web design category. We would like to thank all of our clients for all the positive reviews and the trust they put in us.”

We’d like to take this time to thank all of our hard-working team members — we couldn’t have achieved this award without you! We also wouldn’t be receiving this recognition without our awesome clients. Thank you so much for your partnership!

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