VisualPanda is Hailed by The Manifest as Poznan’s Most Reviewed Design Partner for 2023

For over 9 years, our team at VisualPanda has been delivering world-class designs and digital solutions to businesses across the globe. Regardless of industry and concept, our team doesn’t back down from challenges — and that approach is what our clients love. Nothing makes us prouder than seeing our partners thrive in their respective industries and scale using the solutions and designs we deliver.

Today, we're throwing a little party (mainly in our heads but hey, that still counts!) because we've hit a pretty epic milestone, and it's all thanks to our amazing clients. At the annual The Manifest Company Awards, VisualPanda got the spotlight as one of the most talked-about and trusted design leaders in Poznan, Poland for 2023!

“We are happy to receive this award and to be recognized by The Manifest as one of the leading design companies in the Web Design category. We would like to thank all of our clients for all the positive reviews and the trust they put in us.” — Jakub, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of VisualPanda

To give this award better context, The Manifest is a business news and how-to site that’s designed to help browsers connect with reliable service providers across various sectors around the world. The site’s yearly awards cycle aims to emphasize the importance of establishing trust between service providers and their clients. The winners of the award are chosen based on the number of earnest testimonials they’ve earned over the past year.

We're absolutely thrilled and deeply thankful to everyone who shared their experience working with us. Seriously, without your fantastic reviews, we wouldn't be celebrating this award right now. So, a huge thank everyone who believed in and supported the VisualPanda crew.

What better way to celebrate this moment than to welcome more opportunities? Work with VisualPanda and let’s design something amazing. Drop us a line and let us know what you have in mind.